About the group

The Aboriginal Art Reading Group is an interdisciplinary gathering regularly attended by staff and postgraduate students of Art History and Australian Indigenous Studies programs. We discuss recent publications, events and contemporary issues in Australian Aboriginal art.

The reading group was established in December 2009 by Dr. Susan Lowish and PhD Candidate Kira Randolph. In September 2012 Australian Indigenous Studies Honours student Monique Hameed replaced Kira as the reading group facilitator, as Kira completed her dissertation. Congratulations, Kira!

Since Monique has also now also graduated, we are on the lookout for an avid reader who can regularly update and add to this blog.

Please contact us for more information.


12 responses to “About the group

  1. Caroline O'Connell

    Hi, I am interested in joining this group and am currently studying my Masters in Teaching (Art Education) at University of Melbourne.

    • Hi Caroline! Thank you for joining us on Monday. I’ve added your email address to the electronic mailing list. I hope to see you again on 19 April!

  2. Hi my name is Alexandra, and I am also interested in joining the group. I am from the United States, and I am applying for a Fulbright research grant to study the role of art galleries/organizations in Aboriginal communities. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies and French, but I fell in love with Aboriginal art when I traveled in Australia this past year. I have been interested in preventing the disappearance of indigenous tradtions, in Australia and around the world, and it seems that the Aboriginal community in Australia has had a great success thanks to the popularity of their art. However, issues are never this clear-cut, and I know that there have been negative side-effects, including abuses of property rights. I would really appreciate any feedback and/or advice from this group as you are all much more educated in this subject than I am. I am applying for the graduate diploma in Indigenous Knowledge at Charles Darwin University in Darwin because most of contacts are in the Northern Territory.

    Thank you very much for any suggestions, critiques, questions, and/or comments.


  3. hi Susan
    Are you there? Hope you are well, what is your email again?
    Reading group sounds great, have been hoping to catch up when next in Melbourne.
    Julie G in Hobart

  4. Hi, My name is Carmel Middletent,I discovered your site on the internet. Thank you for accepting my request for your email letters on Australian Aboriginal Art reading group. I am originally from Australia an am half Australian Aboriginal,I am a decendant from the Kabbi Kabbi- Gubbi Gubbi Tribe. I did not grow up with my Family an Im from the Stolen Generation and a Forgotten Australian,i now reside in the United States. Im most grateful for your website,I to paint Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art,you can see some of my paintings on u tube and my space. I love Australia and my Culture and miss it very much,reading your website sooths my home sickness for the Land my people and the animals. Thank You.

    Kind Reguards.

    Carmel Middletent.

  5. Carmel Middletent

    Thank You Kira.

  6. Hello Kira,
    This is fantastic – I’m interested in joining the group! I’m about to start Master’s in Art History at UniMelb.
    Looking forward to joining in,

  7. Hi my name is Hayley and I’m interested in undertaking Post-Grad studies focussing on the representation of Australian Indigenous people in museums and galleries. I have a bachelor of Arts (French Studies/Cultural Geography) and Visual Arts (Theory of Art & Design) and would love to be considered for your reading group!
    Many thanks,

  8. Hi Hayley, I am taking a break from our meetings as I am finishing my PhD but I’ve added your name to the mailing list and you’ll hear from someone regarding the next meeting when it is scheduled!

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