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Next Meeting: Monday 29th September 4.00 – 5.00 pm

Hi all,

The next Aboriginal Art Reading Group will be held next Monday the 29th of September from 4 – 5pm in room 307 of the John Medley Building.

We will read and discuss BLAK WAVE:

Print copies are available from:

Listen to project contributors and curators Tahjee Moar and Tony Albert alongside artists Clinton Nain, Destiny Deacon and Virginia Fraser as they discuss the future of contemporary Indigenous art. Hosted by artist Richard Bell (NITV’s Colour Theory):

In addition, we will discuss ‘Chapter 1: Vision Has an Art History’ from Whitney Davis, A General Theory of Visual Culture (Princeton UP, 2011) in preparation for Whitney’s forthcoming visit to Melbourne.

If you have trouble getting hold of any of the readings please contact me at susan.lowish[at]

Hope to see you there,