Monthly Archives: June 2014

Next Meeting: Monday 30th June 4.00 – 5.00 pm

Hi all,

After a brief break in May, we’re back!

The next Aboriginal Art Reading Group will be held next Monday the 30th of June from 4 – 5pm in room 307 of the John Medley Building.

We will be reading:

GELL, Alfred (2006)  “Vogel’s Net: Traps as Artworks and Artworks as Traps”, from The Anthropology of Art: A Reader, edited by Howard Morphy and Morgan Perkins. Blackwell Publishing, pp. 219-235.

We will also be viewing two very recent publications:

Behind the Doors: An art history from Yuendumu by Philip Jones

and the catalogue to the exhibition Ngintaka.

If you have trouble getting hold of any of the readings please contact me at susan.lowish[at]

Hope to see you there,