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Next Meeting: Monday 18th November 5:00 – 6:00pm

Hi all,

The next Aboriginal Art Reading Group will be held next Monday the 18th of November from 5 – 6pm in room 307 of the John Medley Building.

In recognition of the current exhibition of bark paintings from the Leonhard Adam and Donald Thomson collections at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, the following short readings have been chosen:

Leonhard Adam,  “Has Australian Aboriginal Art a Future?”, Angry Penguins: Australian journal of literature and art, 1944, pp. 42 – 50.

Donald Thomson, “The Concept of ‘Marr’ in Arnhem Land’, Mankind, Vol. 10, Issue 1, June 1975, pp. 1–10.

We will also be discussing the recent issue of Broadsheet, ‘Let’s be polite about Aboriginal Art’. For more information see HERE

If you have trouble getting hold of any of the readings please contact me at susan.lowish[at]

Hope to see you there,



Exhibition floortalk: early bark paintings from Arnhem Land

THURSDAY  14 November – 1-1.30PM


Curator Joanna Bosse will discuss the collection histories of the remarkable bark paintings in the exhibition, which were collected by University staff Professor Donald Thomson and Dr Leonhard Adam during 1935-1950, providing insight into the circumstances and relationships that generated the production of clan designs onto bark for outsiders. Donald Thomson Collection and Leonhard Adam Collection of International Indigenous Culture are renowned early collections of Indigenous material culture of historical and cultural significance.

All welcome, no bookings required.

Please contact the Ian Potter Museum for more details.