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Next Meeting: Monday 19th November

Hi all,

The next meeting of the reading group will be next Monday 19th November in room 307 of the John Medley Building (University of Melbourne) from 4:15 – 5:15pm.

We have decided to read a chapter entitled “Coming to Matter: the Grounds of Our Embodied Difference” from Alison Ravenscroft’s book The Postcolonial Eye. Here is an excerpt from the blurb:

Informed by theories of the visual, knowledge and desire, The Postcolonial Eye is about the ‘eye’ and the ‘I’ in contemporary Australian scenes of race. Specifically, it is about seeing, where vision is taken to be subjective and shaped by desire, and about knowing one another across the cultural divide between white and Indigenous Australia. Writing against current moves to erase this divide and to obscure difference, Alison Ravenscroft stresses that modern Indigenous cultures can be profoundly, even bewilderingly, strange and at times unknowable within the terms of ‘white’ cultural forms. She argues for a different ethics of looking, in particular, for aesthetic practices that allow Indigenous cultural products, especially in the literary arts, to retain their strangeness in the eyes of the white subject.

We will also be looking at the exhibition Omission (22 Sept – 28 Oct) that was held at the Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts and curated by Glen Iseger-Pilkington. For more information about this exhibition (and some interviews with the artists) see here for more info:

If you are unable to get a copy of the Ravenscroft reading, please get in contact hameedm[at]


Michael Cook
Stickman #9
2011, inkjet print 40 x 100cm