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Next Meeting: 24th October


For those of you who weren’t at last month’s meeting, Kira has decided to take a break from the reading group and I (Monique) will be organising the meetings for a while.

The next Aboriginal Art Reading Group will be held on Wednesday 24th October, 4pm – 5pm, room 307 John Medley Building (University of Melbourne). We usually hold the meetings on a Monday so apologies to anyone who cannot make it this time.

We will be doing two readings this month. The first one will be Marcia Langton’s piece for Vogue Australia on the The Sapphires (2012), and the second will be the first chapter from Robyn Ferrell’s Sacred Exchanges.

If you cannot get hold of any copies of the above works, feel free to contact me (hameedm[at]

Hope to see you there!