I wish I was there.

Ancestral Modern: Australian Aboriginal Art from the Kaplan and Levi Collection opens at the Seattle Art Museum tomorrow. According to Will Owen, this event “promises to be one of the largest and most exciting museum exhibitions mounted in the US since Dreamings.” He is “totally psyched.” Read about it here. The exhibition website also has an image gallery.

Let’s see if we can get ahold of an exhibition catalog for an upcoming reading group!

This is the exhibition information that went out in the museum’s Enews:

Opening May 31
Finally, after over 50,000 years of making art, we are able to see what the oldest continuous culture on the planet has in mind. This art takes us into immense deserts and shimmering billabongs, into night skies and underground. What may look abstract is full of symbols and stories that take on common human dilemmas—greed, desire, the search for nourishment, and punishment of deceit. Most often, this art venerates the lands. We invite you to get lost in Australia this summer, without ever leaving Seattle.


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