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January Meeting: Terry Smith, What is Contemporary Art? “Chapter Eight: From the Desert to the Fair”

The next Aboriginal Art Reading Group meeting will be Monday, January 17 at 5:30pm in the Graduate Resource Room, ground floor of the Elisabeth Murdoch Building, opposite the staff kitchen.

We will be reading two chapters from Terry Smith’s book, 2009, What is Contemporary Art?: “Introduction: Contemporary Art Inside Out,” and “Chapter Eight: From the Desert to the Fair.”

A copy of the readings, available for photocopying, will be located in an envelope on the notice board outside Dr Susan Lowish’s office, room G27, ground floor Elisabeth Murdoch Building early next week.

See below for the University of Chicago’s book synopsis:
Who gets to say what counts as contemporary art? Artists, critics, curators, gallerists, auctioneers, collectors, or the public? Revealing how all of these groups have shaped today’s multifaceted definition, Terry Smith brilliantly shows that an historical approach offers the best answer to the question: What is Contemporary Art? Continue reading