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AIAH: Art History’s History in Australia and New Zealand

Saturday 28th August, 9.45am – 4.00pm and Sunday 29th August, 10.00am – 5.00pm

The initiative to establish the Australian Institute of Art History, the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand and the University of Melbourne present: Art History’s History in Australia and New Zealand

Venue: Elisabeth Murdoch lecture theatre, Elisabeth Murdoch Building, The University of Melbourne, Parkville. This is a free public event, and registration for attendance is not required. Enquires: Professor Jaynie Anderson, t: (+61 3) 8344 5514 and Dr Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios, e:

For more about the event see the Australian Institute of Art History website:


August Meeting: Daniel Browning, “Not black enough, the politics of skin” and Arthur Lubow “Contemporary Aboriginal Art”

The next Aboriginal Art Reading Group meeting will be Tuesday, 17 August, 5:30PM, Room G38, Elisabeth Murdoch Building. Please note that we have reverted to our later meeting time of 5:30PM to enable people to come after work. This semester we are also meeting on a Tuesday evening rather than Monday.

We will be reading Daniel Browning’s, “Not black enough, the politics of skin,” in Artlink magazine Vol 30 No 1 2010. We’ve read a few articles from this Blak on Blak issue of Artlink, back copies are available for sale on their website. The second article, “Contemporary Aboriginal Art: Rare artworks from an unsurpassed collection evoke the inner lives and secret rites of Australia’s indigenous people” by Arthur Lubow is on the Smithsonian Magazine’s website, click here.

A copy of Daniel Browning’s article, available for photocopying, is in an envelope on the notice board outside Dr Susan Lowish’s office, room G27, ground floor Elisabeth Murdoch Building.

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!