Australian Art Industry Networks, 15-16 July

The first session of this symposium is entitled “The Aboriginal Art Industry: Challenges and Opportunities Now and Into the Future.” A brief description of the symposium, from the Australian Institute of Art History website follows:

Australian Art Industry Networks: Artists, Agents, Markets, Museums, July 15/16, 2010, Convened by Dr Christopher Marshall and Dr Meaghan Wilson Anastassios

The symposium will explore the synergies between the various participants of the contemporary Australian art industry and the ways that the constantly evolving inter-relationships between art industry agents might act to change the ways that we perceive art and its relationship to contemporary society now and in the future. Thus the fundamental work of artists will be discussed in the context of efforts by commercial galleries and the art auction system to market and sell their work, while the role of Museums will be highlighted in relation to their developing relationships with private and corporate philanthropy and sponsorship.


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