July Meeting: Jenny Fraser, “Look Good Feel Good: the Art of Healing” and David Hansen “Death Dance”

The next Aboriginal Art Reading Group meeting will be Monday, 19 July, 3:30-4:30pm, Room G38, Elisabeth Murdoch Building.

We will be reading Jenny Fraser’s “Look Good Feel Good: the Art of Healing,” on the The Healing Arts of Aboriginal Australia: an exploration of traditional and conceptual methods in the maintenance of wellbeing and contemporary culture blog. Fraser’s article was also published in the Blak on Blak Artlink magazine Vol 30 No 1 2010. We will also read David Hansen’s “Death Dance;” Hansen’s “Seeing Truganini,” was recently awarded the winner of the ABR Calibre Prize for an Outstanding Essay. Both readings are available online, please click the underlined text, above, to print a personal copy for the meeting.

A copy of Hansen’s essay, available for photocopying, will also be located in an envelope on the notice board outside Dr Susan Lowish’s office, room G27, ground floor Elisabeth Murdoch Building.


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