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February Readings: Brenda L. Croft, “I see deadly people” and Glenn Pilkington, “BRANDED: The Indigenous Aesthetic”

The next Aboriginal Art Reading Group meeting will be Monday, 8 February, 5:30PM, Room G38, Elisabeth Murdoch Building.

We will be discussing two articles; Brenda L. Croft’s essay, “I see deadly people,” published in the me-take exhibition (31st October – 13th December) catalog, from the Perth Centre for Photography. As well as Glenn Pilkington’s article, “BRANDED: The Indigenous Aesthetic,” available online in the current edition of Flash, a quarterly publication from the Centre for Contemporary Photography.

Like a glowing iron brand taken from the red hot coals of a day old fire, I have been marked, marketed, packaged and sold as an Indigenous man. I wear this mark with pride, but this is just one component of my identity.

Selection of images from the Pilkington article:

Christian Thompson
Humpy Away from Home 2008
100 × 100 cm
c-type print
image courtesy the artist and Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi

Tony Albert
No Place 3 2009
chromogenic print
100 × 100 cm
courtesy the artist and Gallerysmith, Melbourne


Gayme opening @ Couniham Gallery in Brunswick

Event Name GAYME Exhibition opening
Start Date 22/01/2010
Finish Date 11/01/2010
Location Counihan Gallery In Brunswick
Suburb Brunswick
Event Description Opening night for GAYME exhibition, celebrating the 2010 Midsumma Festival.
Starts 21 January – 21 February. Curated in celebration of the 2010 Midsumma Festival, GAYME features the work of leading queer and Indigenous Australian artists.

Artists: Troy-Anthony Baylis, Dianne Jones, Gary Lee, Ben McKeown, Clinton Nain and r e a.

me-take @ PCP, Perth Centre for Photography

In our upcoming meeting on 18 January, we are discussing photography, specifically the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, 2005 exhibition, Black on White; for the selected reading, published in 2008, see the post below.

Another exhibition to consider in this meeting is the recently concluded exhibition, me-take, at the Perth Centre for Photography from 31st October – 13th December, opened by Brenda Croft and curated by Eva Fernandez. From the website: “Bringing together the work of Christian Thompson, Dianne Jones and Tony Albert, this exhibition focuses on self-representation which examines, challenges and subverts notions of Indigenous representations.”

See you on Monday!

Artist: Christian Thompson Title: 'untitled' 'Black Gum-2'

January Reading: Marianne Riphagen, “Black on White: Or varying shades of grey? Indigenous Australian photo-media artists and the ‘making of’ Aboriginality”

The next Aboriginal Art Reading Group meeting will be Monday, 18 January, 5:30PM, Room G38, Elisabeth Murdoch Building.

We will be discussing, Marianne Riphagen “Black on White: Or varying shades of grey? Indigenous Australian photo-media artists and the ‘making of’ Aboriginality,” Australian Aboriginal Studies, July 2008, Issue 1, 78-89.

The full-text article is available through SuperSearch on the University of Melbourne Library homepage.

Author’s abstract from QuickSearch:

In 2005 the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne presented the Indigenous photo-media exhibition Black on White. Promising to explore Indigenous perspectives on non-Aboriginality, its catalogue set forth two questions: how do Aboriginal artists see the people and culture that surrounds them? Do they see non-Aboriginal Australians as other? However, art works produced for this exhibition rejected curatorial constructions of Black and White, instead presenting viewers with more complex and ambivalent notions of Aboriginality and non-Aboriginality. This paper revisits the Black on White exhibition as an intercultural event and argues that Indigenous art practitioners, because of their participation in a process to signify what it means to be Aboriginal, have developed new forms of Aboriginality.